My walk with the Lord Jesus began one evening in 1981 as I was entering my house after a trip to the liquor store. With my hand still on the doorknob such a weight fell upon me and I had no idea what it was.  I reached for the yellow pages to search for a church I could turn to; someone to help me understand. That night I found no answer; but the next night, out of the blue, my estranged dad called and when he heard what was happening, he said to me, “get into a Pentecostal church because they have the closest thing to the truth.” I was then baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost under the ministry of Pastor David Howe of the UPC church of Hudson, N.H.

The Lord said, “whoever is forgiven much, the same loves much” and this was true for me. I felt God’s immediate call to a dedicated life of ministry and began to develop a pursuit of God in the Spirit. In 1991, after some twists and turns and ups and downs, I married my wife, Rochelle, who was a vibrant California girl. Together, we began to pursue a life of service to the Lord Jesus and His Church.

By the grace of God, the early years of prayer became a foundation that I never left, and to this day remains a key element in the ministry of exhortation the Lord has called me to. There is a burden and a need to see Gods’ people put on strength of spirit and to begin to prepare, one and all, for a final push to our eternal destiny.


My name is Rochelle. My walk began when God made me a promise: He said He would make me a lover of Himself.  What I did not know or expect was that this vessel would be made by affliction, in an extremely hot fire.  In the beginning, I had no understanding. I was so angry with God. Once I told my pastor, “If this is the way God loves me, then – no thank you”.  It took me years to see His love in it all. I physically struggled doing simple things. Then God said to me, “If you go, I will meet you there”-and He did. He was teaching me just how faithful and able He is. He never once failed. I was able to do things that one could not explain, and each time, my heart would open a little more, I trusted Him a little more. He was teaching me to walk close to Him, to know Him as my strength. He constantly tells me, “I am with you”. Learning that the Lord God, Creator of all things is with me and is speaking to me makes Romans 8:18 (“I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed to us.”) a reality. I can now see it.

I look back and I see His goodness. I see how He has just kept me; there is simply no other explanation. I see how He took a heart that was not usable in His Kingdom and made one full of love and compassion. I’m not saying any of this was easy, because it wasn’t. But in it I learned His love, His grace and His mercies.  In it all, He was revealing Himself. In it all, He was teaching me Him, and when you know Him, you love Him. I have learned the Owner of the furnace, our Father in Heaven, watches over us. He will never let the fire get too hot – or too cool, for that matter. It is always perfect.

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What is the teaching portal? Live streamed or pre-recorded Bible studies that are short and to the point. We would love to draw upon the mature Christian brethren that we know to contribute as they are able.

 The intent is to encourage all believers to further their understanding in the Word of God and move into a deeper walk with the Lord Jesus. Much effort will be on those areas that are so lacking in today’s church landscape. Topics such as prayer, fasting, responsibility and accountability of believers, and the need for community and godly fellowship among the redeemed of the Lord will be targeted heavily.

Each video will be streamed here as a YouTube video, then move into a place of archive where they will be available as a continued resource.   


 What is this worship portal? You will be able to participate in the live streaming of times of worship; scheduled and unscheduled. It is our hope that we will have many times of impromptu worship that could be opened to all. However, because we are new as a ministry we will add this functionality over time.