The Lord has given an us awareness of the great needs that encompass all those that name His Name in this hour. As a people that are called unto a life of commitment, service, and holiness unto the Lord Jesus, many times we do not manifest an awareness of this call and the responsibility that we have unto this generation.

 One thing that troubles me is the lack of oneness in the Body of Christ: so many groups, so many identities. I believe there is a desperate need to provoke all those that are called by the name of the Lord Jesus to draw near to our God and begin to walk in the Spirit like never before, without regard of denominational structures.

 It feels like there is a time of great trouble coming and we, the Body of Christ, must put on strength while there is time. Jer. 12;5

Therefore, Trim the Lamps Ministry is purposed to labor within the corporate setting of the Body of Christ to encourage, provoke, instruct, and train in things pertaining to the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Trim the Lamps Ministry will serve both as a church and a ministry. By using such distinction of terms, we seek to draw attention to the broader purpose of Trim the Lamps Ministry; we will seek to work with the Holy Spirit to impact both the local body of believers (church) as well as pursue a contribution on a larger scale to the whole body of Christ.

We recognize and expect to function as a local body of believers in accordance with the Word of God. We will provide a place of worship, training, fellowship, and development in the Holy Spirit. With the five-fold ministry and the operation of the gifts/ministries of the Spirit, Trim the Lamps Ministry will serve as a church to all those who join or associate with us.

We purpose that we would teach every believer to first walk with God, then grow in the grace and functioning of the Holy Spirit that is purposed for every believer. In Trim the Lamps Ministry we desire that the full range of the uniqueness of the gifts of the Spirit would be seen, such as exhortation, teaching, service, hospitality, administration and benevolence, intercession, worship; and that we would learn to honor all in all.

But whether serving as a local church or as a ministry to the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God in the earth, Trim the Lamps Ministry will have the following as its overall purposes and goals.

Envisionment and Purposes

  • It is God’s desire for this ministry to serve as the sound of a trumpet; calling His people to consecration and to prepare for battle.

  • There is a great desire to encourage and make place for the giftings and grace that are in each believer, so each unique grace begins to affect the body of Christ.

  • It is the vision of Trim the Lamps Ministry to communicate to believers and non – believers God’s true heart. We believe God’s heart displays His mercy, righteousness, faith, humility, and love.

  • Trim the Lamps Ministry is to be a source for the unifying of the army of God in the New England area.

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What is the teaching portal? Live streamed or pre-recorded Bible studies that are short and to the point. We would love to draw upon the mature Christian brethren that we know to contribute as they are able.

 The intent is to encourage all believers to further their understanding in the Word of God and move into a deeper walk with the Lord Jesus. Much effort will be on those areas that are so lacking in today’s church landscape. Topics such as prayer, fasting, responsibility and accountability of believers, and the need for community and godly fellowship among the redeemed of the Lord will be targeted heavily.

Each video will be streamed here as a YouTube video, then move into a place of archive where they will be available as a continued resource.   


 What is this worship portal? You will be able to participate in the live streaming of times of worship; scheduled and unscheduled. It is our hope that we will have many times of impromptu worship that could be opened to all. However, because we are new as a ministry we will add this functionality over time.